About Us

Centum Capital Partners is a wholly owned, independently managed subsidiary of Centum Investment Company Plc with notable investments in Financial services, Consumer goods & services, Education, Agribusiness, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Technology and Power.

As subsidiary of Centum Investment Company Plc, we benefit from local presence and strong brand recognition as well as increased deal assessment expertise through Centum's Sector Experts and Centum Group Region Network.

Investment Criteria

  • Strong incumbent management teams that has an exceptional track record.
  • Offer scope for significant growth and diversification regionally and by product offering.
  • Profitable with an EBITDA in excess of US$ 5 million.
  • Offer a controlling stake or significant minorities with opportunities to exercise control, voting and governance rights.
  • Multiple strategic exit routes within the investment horizon .
  • Neutral or positive social and environmental impact.

Centum Capital Value Fund II now offers LPs a solution to tap into the region’s lucrative growth potential. Our on-the-ground experience & extensive network provide access to a host of proprietary opportunities.

Fund II will build a diversified portfolio of mid-sized companies primarily operating in East Africa. We will obtain controlling stakes in these companies to create value through our successful and proven methods, resulting in strong exits.

Our value chain

Distinct competitive capabilities across value chain

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