Our impact

We apply strategic, operational & financial levers to create value in portfolio companies
Local connections help us find unique

We discover companies with incredible potential and are well positioned to address their challenges
We are an established and credible player; we have experienced trust and eagerness from local business owners to engage

We skilfully create value, as shown
on Fund I

Our core work is to transition each portfolio company from "imperfect" to "perfect", resulting in a 21% gross USD IRR
We are more active than other funds in the region, e.g., through our monthly review meetings with portfolio companies

Our exits are at the forefront on of our
minds from day 1

Starting day 1, our value creation process is revolves completely around the exit we are planning for the asset
In Fund I, we experienced high competition for our assets, leading to 9 successful exits so far (69% exit rate)

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